Book Review: Failstate


Robin, secretly Failstate, lives in a world where superheroes not only exist, but have their own gameshow, America’s Next Superhero. When one of the contestants is murdered, Robin investigates and digs up more than he expected.

It’s currently free on Kindle!

Note on ratings:

*         Horrible.
**       Below average
***     Average. Not good or bad.
****   Above average
***** Above and beyond

Content: Some violence, but since it’s Christian, it is pretty clean.

Originality and world building: ***
The whole idea of a superhero TV show is interesting. However, I felt the world building was a bit underdone. Superheroes running loose in society seemed to have changed almost nothing, other than a few laws and the way superhero related activities are considered by law.

Characters and their Arcs: ***
Robin has some conflict with his brother, and there’s a bit of an arc there. The characters were interesting, but I never really had a solid attachment to them.

Writing style and Pacing: ****
I thought the story started off slow, but once I was a ways in, it got a lot better. There were a few things I felt should have been better explained.

My Rating:


About Jessi L. Roberts

I live and work on my family’s cattle ranch in eastern Montana. I have a flock of chickens, a hyper golden retriever, some cows, and a few horses. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction and my head is full of wild sci-fi story ideas, some involving apocalypses and others involving aliens. I have been published twice in Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickity.
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