Riders of Mitchtam (Or My Camp NaNo Cabin)

In April, I joined Camp NaNo because my friends Athelas and FaithSong invited me to Katie’s Camp NaNo cabin. For those who don’t know, Camp NaNo is like NaNoWriMo, but you get to set your own goal for what you do. You also get a “cabin” with eleven other writers.

I worked on a story I’d already started, which made me a NaNo rebel. I reached the goal with time to spare. The problem was, our cabin hadn’t reached its goal, even when we only had a day left to write. Instead of doing the sane thing and giving up when we were over 40,0000 words behind on the last day, my cabin wrote enough words to win, but barely.


This is what we did in April. Look at that huge jump on the last day.

I had so much fun in April, I did it again in July. I wrote random things, short stories, blog posts like this one, and did a bunch of editing. I set a low goal of 10K and got a bit over 20K.

Partway through the month, the cabin was behind its goal. Instead of just trying to slowly get ahead, we had to do insane things. One day, we had a 2K word sprint, which was a lot of fun until I had to go water the garden after getting a phone call.

The next day, things got even wilder with a 10K word sprint that consumed an entire day. I didn’t get to do much of this one since I had ranch work, but I think it was pretty epic.

We reached our goal again, this time on day 30. Almost everyone in our cabin hit their goals without the furious 40K words on the last day.


As you can tell, I underestimated what I could do in a month. You can see the jump where we had the 10K word sprint partway through the month.

Camp has been a lot of fun and I hope to participate again. Here are the links to my cabin member’s websites:

Katie Grace
Alea Harper
Nadine Brandes
Natasha Roxby
Victoria Grace Howell
Anna Jolene
Emily (Who has no website)

Thanks for the great time everyone!


About Jessi L. Roberts

I live and work on my family’s cattle ranch in eastern Montana. I have a flock of chickens, a hyper golden retriever, some cows, and a few horses. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction and my head is full of wild sci-fi story ideas, some involving apocalypses and others involving aliens. I have been published twice in Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickity.
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5 Responses to Riders of Mitchtam (Or My Camp NaNo Cabin)

  1. It was so much fun getting to NaNo with you, Reb! 😀 We do have a pretty epic cabin don’t we? 😀


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