Author Interview: Cadi Murphy

I’m interviewing Cadi Murphy, a friend I met at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference.


Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a part-time nanny by day and a writer of Speculative Fiction by night. I also do editing for Most of what I enjoy relates to stories, and the best story I have found is the “true myth” of the Gospel (as J.R.R. Tolkien called it).

What are you currently geeking about? (A new book, a movie, a TV show, something else?)
Recently, I’ve been rediscovering The Nightmare Before Christmas. I identify with Jack Skellington on so many levels: I was once a creature of death who longed for something unknown, the light of Christmas filled that empty space even though I don’t fully understand it, and there is a love I often overlook who accepts me as I am.

What are you working on now?
I am writing a novel called Flight. It’s top-secret (even from my family and friends) until the book is finished, so I can’t tell you much here. I release details in little bits on my blog.

Now, tell us about a favorite project or close second, if you already told us about your favorite.
I love beta reading for other writers. It is wicked fun to help make a story the best it can be.

How did you get into writing?
By falling in love with reading. When I was twelve years old, I decided to become an author because I loved books. Since that moment, I’ve been creating stories and trying to get them down on paper.

What advice would you give to beginning writers?
Don’t give up. You CAN do it. This was the very first piece of writing advice I ever received from an author. I’m still writing, so I guess it worked.

What about experienced writers?
Give up. You CAN’T do it. Not on your own, at least. Recognize the Creator of your creativity and use His strength over your own. Continue to learn with an open mind.

What are some of your favorite books, authors, movies, and/or TV shows?
Gah! So many!

My favorite TV show is Doctor Who. I grew up on Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, so those will always be favorites. I’m also a sucker for animated stuff, like Pixar, Dreamworks, and a little bit of anime.

The authors are harder. Lewis and Tolkien are life-long pals of mine… or they would be if they weren’t dead. I have quite a few living favorites who write Christian Spec-Fic: Wayne Thomas Batson, Bryan Davis, and Andrew Peterson are at the top.

As far as books go, I’ve been drooling over the classics lately. There are too many to list because they are all my favorite.

Any closing words?
Just FYI, when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… that’s painful. Nobody wants pizza on their eyeball.

Where can we find you? 
I keep an open diary of my writing journey at

I also have a Facebook page for those interested in supporting my work with likes and comments. Search for “Storyteller Support Team” and click the yellow, smiling, hatted ball.


About Jessi L. Roberts

I live and work on my family’s cattle ranch in eastern Montana. I have a flock of chickens, a hyper golden retriever, some cows, and a few horses. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction and my head is full of wild sci-fi story ideas, some involving apocalypses and others involving aliens. I have been published twice in Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickity.
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