How I use Scrivener

About a year or so ago, I bought Scrivener, a writing program. Unlike Microsoft Word, Scrivener is created with the writer in mind. That means it has a bunch of cool features, including a name generator. Another feature is the full screen mode, which allows a writer to write without distraction. About the only thing it doesn’t have is a music playlist.

One of my favorite things about Scrivener is the ability to separate things into folders.

Scrivener full

As you can see on the left of this image of my WIP, The Red Tattoo, each chapter has its own folder with separate scenes. The main panel here shows me more details. (The outlines are blurred so you don’t get spoilers.) I have each scene labeled with the POV character. The status tells me which scenes need more work, and the word count is really handy so I can figure out if any of my scenes or chapters are too short or two long

Scrivenr shotWhat’s really handy about having these separate scenes is how easy editing is. If I remember something that needs changed in the third chapter, I can go to the third chapter without having to scroll through a 300 page Word document, or use “find” just to find the chapter I want to edit. This also gives me a quick outline so I remember what happened in each chapter.

Lower down, bellow the chapters on the left, I also have some other handy folders. I can have stuff about my notes, each of my characters, the locations in my story, a synopsis, and an old outline I used. I also have deleted scenes, which is where I simply drag weak scenes. It’s nice to have them in the same document as the rest of the story.

Scrivener is a wonderful tool, especially when editing a longer story. It won’t make your writing better, but it can make polishing the writing a much easier job.


About Jessi L. Roberts

I live and work on my family’s cattle ranch in eastern Montana. I have a flock of chickens, a hyper golden retriever, some cows, and a few horses. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction and my head is full of wild sci-fi story ideas, some involving apocalypses and others involving aliens. I have been published twice in Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickity.
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4 Responses to How I use Scrivener

  1. Grace Osas says:

    This was certainly an interesting review… but is it expensive?

    Oooh, and I see your template has changed. It’s really sleek.


  2. Hmm, cool post! I’m starting to understand why others love this product so much!



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