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Kark Breeds

Here’s a picture of three kark breeds, a species featured heavily in my novel, The Red Tattoo. Karks are the mounts of the Chix, who are the only species small enough to ride these large predators that are a mix … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Cruel Season

A while back, I noticed a post on Facebook from one of my southern friends, who was looking forward to fall. This made me realize the strong cultural differences when it comes to weather and seasons. For people in the … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Florida Observations

Before I start, there is a new piece of fan art on the Fan Art page. Since I’m from Montana, going to the Florida was a pretty big shift in culture. Observations on the people: Florida is much more diverse … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding Karks and Chix

Note: Intelligent species have their names capitalized. Non-intelligent species don’t. Some time ago, I came up with the Chix species. They’re a small arboreal species. Though they look like flying squirrels, they’re not rodents. This is a species reference I … Continue reading

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