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All Senses Story Challenge

This is something I found on DeviantART where a person uses multiple senses to describe their character(s) so I did it with Savora. (In-universe, Jagur would never meet her, but I needed someone to see her from the outside.) Here … Continue reading

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Clean Soul

This story was originally done to fit the theme of a song called The End is the Beginning. Risi swung onto her warhound and listened to the darkness outside the glow of the camp lights. There would be guards at … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Challenge

Today, I’m posting my short story. Sierra gave me the prompt “Bird with a Broken Wing” by Owl City. It’s a really good writing song.   Jay Hawke drew his pistol and pointed it at the pair of creatures stalking … Continue reading

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The Insurgent

Bullets tore through the air around me.

“Sara, take cover!” Clark shouted.

I dove behind a tree. Where was the enemy? They were somewhere in the jungle doing a very good job of keeping their heads down. Continue reading

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This was something I did when I was at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference. It’s supposed to be based off this picture. A cold wind tugged at Misty’s dress as she ran down the street. Not even a stray cat … Continue reading

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Alien Texter

When I went to Bryan Davis’s Teen Track, he had a short, poorly written, paragraph that we had to fix up. This is the original. Tamara sat on her bed. She had never felt so lonely in all of her … Continue reading

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GtKYCC: Right-Hand Man

Red Lettering is doing a Get to Know Your Character’s Challenge: Right-Hand Man for the villain. I pick Koda from Country in Chaos. He’s a wolfdog. The picture is rather old. I picked “Write about a year before the start of … Continue reading

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Critique Group – Voyage and The Raindrop Race

Originally posted on The Author's Chair:
Are you ready to critique? Ready or not, here are two new submissions to consider. Don’t forget the critiquing guidelines. All you have to do is post a comment about the submissions below. Don’t…

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Short Story Contest Entry by Jessi L. Roberts

Originally posted on Red Lettering:
“Elves Don’t Carry Guns” by Jessi L. Roberts Fern peered over the wall that surrounded the town of Refuge. A rider and packhorse trotted down the road while a huge dog ran beside them. It…

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