Ordained (or Company) Space
Space controlled by the Ordained, or Company depending on who you ask. Planets include Saddat, Chibbink, and Locostwa. Tupra is not under the control of the Ordained.

A planet nearly unknown to those near Ordained Space, known for such numerous metal deposits that the mountains are gray from the metal. It is home to the bird-like Derbs and a colony of Earth Humans. The Derbs live on one continent, where the mountains are mostly sandstone, while the Humans took the steel mountains. There is some trading between the Derbis Humans and the Company Space, but most of this is done through smugglers and pirates.

The native planet of the Gorkam and Torfs. It’s very barren and dry. The season differences are minimal, with slightly warmer summers and cold winters. The moisture comes regularly, but is still very little.

The home planet of the Ordained. Scallan are the native species.
Most vegetation on the planet is grass-based and there are very few trees. Saddat also has very little in the way of metals, but it makes up for this in agricultural productivity. Most of the planet is farmland or desert, with a few oceans. Days are 23 hours long and years are 380 days long. The Company uses Saddat years and days for telling time.

An independent planet near Ordained Space. Tupra repelled the Ordained when they invaded. It is home to Elbas and Varsillians. The humid but cold planet is mountainous and has huge corral trees covering it. The clouds rarely lift enough to see the stars, or even the sun. The planet is orbited by an asteroid field, which aids it during wars because the defending ships can use the asteroids as cover.