Ordained (or Company) Space
Space controlled by the Ordained, or Company depending on who you ask. Planets include Saddat, Chibbink, and Locostwa. Tupra is not under the control of the Ordained.


Chibbink: Home of the Chix and common Humans, also known for being the most populated planet in the Known Region. The planet is mostly ocean, and the land is very tropical in nature. It has a large continent in the northern hemisphere and a smaller one in the south, as well as various island chains. Most of the land is swamp and jungle with a few plains on the southern continent. Because their years are only forty days long, the seasons are mild.

Most of Chibbink’s fuel reserves are under their ocean, making it hard to mine.


Derbis: A planet so rich in metals that there are more metals on one of the continents than stone. It was recently colonized by Humans, who live exclusively on the steel continent, while the other land masses are inhabited by a sentient flying species.


Lokostwa: A cool planet with only small seas. The planet is arid with no forests. The majority of the planet is grassland or desert with barren mountain ranges. The two sentient species on the planet, Torfs and Gorkam, travel long distances to find enough food to survive. Because of this, Lokostwa is the least populated planet of the four planets in the Known Region. 

However, the planet is rich in metal deposits, much more so than Saddat or Chibbink, making it a top exporter of metal. Unfortunately, the Company has taken control of the metals, leaving a huge gap in wealth between the nobility and everyone else. Their years are 368 days long.


Korska: A distant planet past the Known Region. The hisrut Humans live there, as well as other species who are not well-known. The planet has one dark and one light side, making the majority of it uninhabitable. Warlords fight for control of the dusk and dawn regions that are habitable. The planet has no laws, other than the whim of whatever warlord is in control, making it a favorite hiding place for outlaws.


Saddat: The Company, which was the first group to develop economic space travel, originated on Saddat. The planet is mainly fertile plains with some deserts and seas. Skallan are the native species. The years are 359 days long and are the regional standard. Saddat has the most advanced buildings and cities.


Tupra: With years that are 533 days long, Tupra is known for its lethal winters. The planet is extremely mountainous and the land is shrouded in clouds that hide the asteroid-filled sky. Many forests are made of land coral that is perfect for the arboreal Varsillian to inhabit. The mountains are riddled with tunnels, some natural and others dug by Elbas. It has a high concentration of fuel and metals, which would make it a prize for the Company, but the planet’s winter and the Elbas are too much for the Company’s combination of Chix cavalry and Skallan mercenaries.