ChixChix: Chix are arboreal omnivores native to Chibbink. They have gliding skin between their arms and legs and a furry tail that helps them balance in the trees and steer during a glide. While they appear rodent-like, they share no relation to rodents and find being compared to rodents to be an insult.

Though they rarely stand over three feet tall, their military is a force to be reckoned with. Their fast reflexes and spatial awareness make them the best pilots in the Known Region. This gives any Chix-piloted aircraft a distinct advantage. On the ground, they make up for their small size by riding huge predatory warhounds into battle, which is enough to strike terror into their enemies. 

Native to Tupra, Elbas are the biggest species in the Known Region and have a slightly feline-like appearance. Their coat colors vary from black, brown, and red, to blond and white. Those in the Southern Hemisphere tend to have spots, while the northern races have stripes. With large claws meant for tunneling and a powerful upper body, they make dangerous fighters. Though their long-range vision is poor, their night vision and echolocation give them a huge advantage in the darkness of their massive tunnel systems. 


GorkamGorkam: With a tough exoskeleton, Gorkam see no need for clothes. Because Lokostwa is so barren, they travel long distances to find food and water. Though they cannot fly, they use their wings to increase the distance they can leap, a big advantage when crossing mountain ranges. Though they have a fierce appearance and their earth-toned shells can function as armor, most are pacifists of the Martyr sect. 




Human: Humans are native to Earth, but two colonies left shortly after the Tower of Babel fell. One colony, the common Humans, settled on Chibbink. Common Humans tend to have red or blond hair and green or blue eyes, as well as fair skin. The hisrut race is covered in dark hair. They tend to be shorter and more slenderly built. They have dark eyes and dark skin.

Earth Humans inhabit Derbis, but outside a few traders, there is no contact between them and those in the Known Region.


Skallan are a semi-coldblooded species native to Saddat. Like the Chix and Humans, they were one of the first space-faring races. They own much of the Company, which puts them in high regard with the Chix and Humans. Their extreme capitalistic culture has led to a massive force of mercenaries and bounty hunters in place of traditional militaries and law enforcement. 

They tend to be slender and a little taller than the average Human. From a distance, they could be mistaken for Human, but up close, their green or brown scales, lack of a nose, and their golden, orange or red eyes leave no doubt that they are far from Human.


TorfTorf: This theropod-like Lokostwan species is known for their endurance and speed. They have sharp teeth so they can strip plants of leaves and bark, but they’re also known for eating anything they can catch. They typically have earth-toned feathers, with black and white being extremely rare. Other than during extremely severe weather, Torfs never wear clothing, other than belts that allow them to carry tools or weaponry. They sport a long inner claw on each three-toed foot, giving them a lethal kick, as well as a long feathery tail that helps with balance during fast turns.

Varsillian InfoVarsillian: This arboreal species lives near the equatorial regions of Tupra. They can change their scale color at will or when they experience strong emotions, making them experts at hiding since they don’t wear clothes. They’re vegetarians who use their sharp teeth to rip through the outer hulls of fruit to get to the juicy inner flesh. Like Gorkam, they rarely leave their home planet Some people find them unsettling because of their serpentine bodies and tentacle-like limbs, even though they have little ability in the way of fighting.

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