Chaos Series


This is the first novel I ever finished. Since it would need a massive amount of editing to publish, I’ve printed a few copies of the book for family and friends who really want to read the series. If you want a copy, contact me at roberts(dot)jessi4(at)gmail(dot)com.

Country in Chaos

For decades the government has plotted in secret, but now one of their secrets comes back to bite them.

Summer begins with nuclear bombs raining down on US cities.

Even though Granddad taught him to prepare for the apocalypse, Rolf is helpless to save him from men with military-style weapons and vehicles. Having no other place to go, he heads to the Walls’ ranch in Beaver County. To Rolf’s dismay, only Ivy, the Walls’ teenage daughter, is there, leaving no adults to take charge. The rest of the family are trapped in Russia, unable to make it back to Montana because of the Bombing.

When the first wave of looters is about to overwhelm Rolf and Ivy, their prayers for help are answered in the form of genetically modified animals who escaped from a secret government lab a decade ago.

Steen, an old enemy of the animals, brings his mercenaries and Marines into the county. The soldiers begin confiscating weapons and food. Rolf, Ivy, and the animals know it’s time to fight, or lose every freedom they have.

Chaos Duology

(Two short stories in one book)


Creatures Before Chaos

After living his whole life caged in a lab with other intelligent animals, a young wolf begins to consider his fellow captives part of his pack. When the scientists who experiment on the animals try to train them as weapons, Sinac must lead the others to freedom.

State of Chaos

A new militia has decided to take over Montana under the guise of restoring the Constitution, but after kicking the US government out, Rolf and Ivy aren’t about to let a new government come in and take control. Now, fighting against a group like themselves, they may need allies, many of which have joined the enemy militia. 

Country in Chaos Excerpt