Rolf Hermann
Rolf is a seventeen year old boy. When he was six, his mother left him with his elderly grandparents, who did their best to raise him. By the time the US is nuked, his grandmother has passed away. He is of German decent. Has green eyes and dark brown hair. Grandson of Karl.

Ivy Wall
Eighteen year old Ivy lived on a ranch with her parents and her younger brother, Alex. Unfortunately for her, they were in Russia when the US was nuked. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. Daughter of Julie and Tony, sister of Alex.

A white wolf. Born shortly after the lab escape. Daughter of Sinac. Sister to Grey and Silver. She, along with Nicolas, is the group medic. Carries a satchel of herbs on her back.

Brandy Coffman
The Beaver County sheriff. Well respected by most of the area ranchers. Has a mustache he likes to twirl.

A gray wolf. Born shortly after the escape. Brother to Blanca and Silver, son of Sinac.

A cougar. Born a year or so after Grey, Blanca, and Silver. Sister to Tocho. She normally has a sour attitude.

Karl Hermann
A German veteran of Word War II. Grandfather of Rolf.

Kern, Lee
A Captain in the Marines. He’s a big man with red hair and is in his early thirties.

A large wolfdog. Leader of the animals that remained loyal to the government after the lab escape.

Shade (Xavier Fleckenstein)
An African American Marine. He is a staff sergeant who serves under Captain Kern and is known for being loyal and good in a fight.

A gray and black wolf. One of the original lab escapees. Father of Grey, Blanca, and Silver. Looked to as one of the leaders of the animal group.

Steen, Max
A private contractor (mercenary). Works as part of the Federal Crisis Action Unit.

Song, Evelyn
A woman in the North Dakota National Guard. Dark hair and eyes.

A dark cougar. Tends to be slightly hyper. Brother to Jasmine.