Hand of Steel (tentative title)

All Krys wants is to be a hunter like her dad, until a fire grenade thrown by pirates incinerates him and leaves her so badly injured she’s made into a cyborg. To her surprise, the pirate captain who killed her dad and captured her is not the monster she’d expected but an old veteran from the losing side of the Tupra War. When she leaves the pirates and begins working with hunters who live by a different code than her dad, it’s only a matter of time before Krys is forced to choose between upholding the law or aiding those who oppose it.


The Red Tattoo 

When their planet is invaded, Savora sacrifices her freedom to save her brother, Rolko, from the Chix Cavalry. For fighting back, she’s tattooed as a murderer and sold as a slave on a tropical world, where her master forces her to fight animals and even other people for the amusement of the Chix.

Rolko struggles to survive under occupation, but his empathy gets in into trouble with the local refugees. When Rolko is enslaved, the time comes for Savora and Rolko to escape, but with every planet at war and both sides stretched thin, will Savora have the courage to lead those desperate for a leader to victory?