Krys Karzil

A young bounty hunter who is orphaned when pirates kill her father. To save her life, she is given cybernetics.


Captain of the Deathhorn, one of the space pirate ships operating in Company Space.

Chril Korishi aka. Doc

Being the Deathhorn’s doctor, he normally goes by Doc. He’s good at patching people up but his real passion is cybernetics, which normally have a few special features. A few of his claws, and one eye, are cybernetic. The eye can magnify stuff, which helps with surgery, or cybernetics. Being an arboreal species, he also enjoys sleeping in a potted plant.


A Torf hunter who works with Krys’s aunt and uncle.

Akar Karzil
Krys’s uncle

Reva Karzil

Krys’s aunt.

Melsha is an escaped slave. She has a tattoo on her cheek that symbolizes she’s a Brethren radical, and should be a slave. She has a pet himple named Flame.


A Scallan. Klate’s second in command.

Nerrini Kazini

A dealer in black market slave trafficking. She has a 4,000 coin bounty on her head.


Melsha’s pet himple.