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2017 Wrap Up

Last year, I finished the second draft of The Black Claw, and it’s now ready for beta readers. It’s a sequel to Hand of Steel, so I can’t say much about it without giving away the ending to HoS. I will say … Continue reading

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Kark Breeds

Here’s a picture of three kark breeds, a species featured heavily in my novel, The Red Tattoo. Karks are the mounts of the Chix, who are the only species small enough to ride these large predators that are a mix … Continue reading

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Recommendations of 2016

Here are some good things I discovered in 2016. Books Mistborn Series By Brandon Sanderson This is a great series. The first trilogy subverts many fantasy tropes by starting a thousand years after the evil ruler took over the kingdom. The … Continue reading

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Clean Soul

This story was originally done to fit the theme of a song called The End is the Beginning. Risi swung onto her warhound and listened to the darkness outside the glow of the camp lights. There would be guards at … Continue reading

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My Favorite Visual Storytellers

I’m a big fan of stories in any form, so today, I’m featuring some of my favorite visual storytellers. A quick note to keep in mind about many webcomics is that the art improves drastically as the comics progress. This is … Continue reading

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October Update: I’m Published

I kept this under wraps until I saw it in print, or at least digital form. This summer, I queried Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickety Publishing Group with a short story about a girl with a monster under her bed. They accepted … Continue reading

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Webcomic Review: Dreamless

One  thing I’m a fan of is webcomics or graphic novels. Normally, I find the online ones a lot better than the official ones I see at the library, or the free ones on iBooks. Part of this is probably … Continue reading

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Art of Characters: Best Friend

Stori Tori is doing another Art of Characters challenge. Best friends is actually a hard one for me. For most of my life, I haven’t had a “best friend” and it seems to have carried over to my characters. Rolf … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding Karks and Chix

Note: Intelligent species have their names capitalized. Non-intelligent species don’t. Some time ago, I came up with the Chix species. They’re a small arboreal species. Though they look like flying squirrels, they’re not rodents. This is a species reference I … Continue reading

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GtKYCC: Right-Hand Man

Red Lettering is doing a Get to Know Your Character’s Challenge: Right-Hand Man for the villain. I pick Koda from Country in Chaos. He’s a wolfdog. The picture is rather old. I picked “Write about a year before the start of … Continue reading

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