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Book Review: Space Drifters: The Ghost Ship

After leaving us hanging in the last book, Glint and his crew of misfits are back and in more trouble than ever. Not only are Glint’s old enemies after him, but now he’s got a killer nanocat out to punish … Continue reading

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2017 Wrap Up

Last year, I finished the second draft of The Black Claw, and it’s now ready for beta readers. It’s a sequel to Hand of Steel, so I can’t say much about it without giving away the ending to HoS. I will say … Continue reading

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In Which I Fangirl about Sanderson

Before I get started, I’ve updated the fan art page with two new pieces. Some of you may have noticed I’ve been reading a lot of Brandon Sanderson. I first read his YA novel Steelheart and quickly consumed the rest … Continue reading

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Hunger Games: It’s not About Kids Killing

Before the Hunger Games movie came out, I didn’t realize there was so much controversy surrounding it. I’d read the books and enjoyed them. The romance wasn’t nearly as bad as a lot of YA books out there, and the violence … Continue reading

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Black Friday Ebook Deals

Since it’s Black Friday, I’m helping some indie authors promote their Black Friday sales. I haven’t read these books yet, but I’ve had friends vouch for some of them, and I read quite a few of the free previews. Some … Continue reading

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Things I Dislike in Books

A while back, I did a Things I Like in Books post. This week, I’m doing one on things I don’t like. Please note that this is simply my opinion. I’m not telling anyone they have to write this way. … Continue reading

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Popularity and Immorality

Some groups seem to believe that there is a mass conspiracy pushing immoral media on society. Though this theory could have a fair amount of truth to it when it comes to the movie and TV industry, I’ve seen it applied … Continue reading

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Book Review: Inhuman

Lane’s father is a fetch, and fetches get executed. To save her father, she needs to journey through the Feral Zone and to Chicago to complete a fetch, but she’s never been over the Wall and has nothing to go … Continue reading

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Villainous Meter

After watching quite a few movies and probably thinking too much, I decided to make some sort of villainous meter thing to describe how evil a villain is. With books, the villains are normally a 3 or 4, but TV … Continue reading

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Book Review: Failstate

Robin, secretly Failstate, lives in a world where superheroes not only exist, but have their own gameshow, America’s Next Superhero. When one of the contestants is murdered, Robin investigates and digs up more than he expected. It’s currently free on Kindle! … Continue reading

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