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Non-writing update

I figure once in a while, I’ll do an update that isn’t writing related, so here it is. Spring is a busy time for us. We’ve got cows calving, chicks hatching, gardens to plant, fields to plant, and fences to … Continue reading

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Cattle: Part 2: Stampedes, Horns, and Intelligence

I’ve already done a post onĀ Cattle Terms. Here are some other issues I’ve noticed, the place where other annoying mistakes are made. Stampede: This is another thing that annoys me. Basically, a stampede is weaponized cattle, which seems cool, but … Continue reading

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Cattle: Part 1: Terms

As you probably know, I live on a cattle ranch. Since I know about cattle, I often noticeĀ mistakes in books. Here, I’m going to try to help you avoid those mistakes. The most common mistake is terms used. There is … Continue reading

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