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October Update: I’m Published

I kept this under wraps until I saw it in print, or at least digital form. This summer, I queried Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickety Publishing Group with a short story about a girl with a monster under her bed. They accepted … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Cruel Season

A while back, I noticed a post on Facebook from one of my southern friends, who was looking forward to fall. This made me realize the strong cultural differences when it comes to weather and seasons. For people in the … Continue reading

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Hatching Eggs

I’ve seen mistakes in books or movies regarding hatching eggs, be it chickens or dinosaurs, so I decided to set the record straight. Here is the normal hatch sequence:           If you’re writing a book and … Continue reading

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Non-writing update

I figure once in a while, I’ll do an update that isn’t writing related, so here it is. Spring is a busy time for us. We’ve got cows calving, chicks hatching, gardens to plant, fields to plant, and fences to … Continue reading

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Cattle: Part 2: Stampedes, Horns, and Intelligence

I’ve already done a post on Cattle Terms. Here are some other issues I’ve noticed, the place where other annoying mistakes are made. Stampede: This is another thing that annoys me. Basically, a stampede is weaponized cattle, which seems cool, but … Continue reading

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Cattle: Part 1: Terms

As you probably know, I live on a cattle ranch. Since I know about cattle, I often notice mistakes in books. Here, I’m going to try to help you avoid those mistakes. The most common mistake is terms used. There is … Continue reading

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