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Why Waiting is Good

When I started Country in Chaos, which was originally titled The Time has Come, and involved two separated twin sisters in a dystopian future, I didn’t know what I was doing. As I wrote, I learned more and more, changed … Continue reading

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The Antihero

In recent years, the antihero has risen in popularity. For those who don’t know, the definition of an antihero is “a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes.” I think what makes an antihero … Continue reading

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The Real Lack of Diversity

It’s not race. One of the biggest things I saw in 2015 was the push to add more diversity to YA books. Many YA authors wrote books where the main characters weren’t white. If the main character was white, the supporting … Continue reading

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Back from the Dead

The genre-savvy reader knows that if no-one found the body, the character is probably coming back. This has become a staple to the point a writer might have a very hard time convincing the readers that the character with the missing body … Continue reading

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Why Darkness Makes Sacrifice Burn Bright

There’s always been a debate over if violent media is something that should be created or consumed. Generally, any popular book or film that’s got some violence, or other negative content, it will end up with a few negative reviews … Continue reading

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How to Win NaNo

First a little history. In 2009, I participated in NaNoWriMo. Even though I started out behind and had to share a computer with four family members, I managed to win. In 2010, I had my own computer, so I won … Continue reading

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A Few Writing Tips for Beginners

Since I’ve studied to be an author, I have picked up a few tips along the way that might help other writers, even if you only write fanfic. These are just basic tips, not the in-depth type of thing normally … Continue reading

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Hatching Eggs

I’ve seen mistakes in books or movies regarding hatching eggs, be it chickens or dinosaurs, so I decided to set the record straight. Here is the normal hatch sequence:           If you’re writing a book and … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Florida Observations

Before I start, there is a new piece of fan art on the Fan Art page. Since I’m from Montana, going to the Florida was a pretty big shift in culture. Observations on the people: Florida is much more diverse … Continue reading

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Cattle: Part 2: Stampedes, Horns, and Intelligence

I’ve already done a post on Cattle Terms. Here are some other issues I’ve noticed, the place where other annoying mistakes are made. Stampede: This is another thing that annoys me. Basically, a stampede is weaponized cattle, which seems cool, but … Continue reading

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