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All Senses Story Challenge

This is something I found on DeviantART where a person uses multiple senses to describe their character(s) so I did it with Savora. (In-universe, Jagur would never meet her, but I needed someone to see her from the outside.) Here … Continue reading

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Clean Soul

This story was originally done to fit the theme of a song called The End is the Beginning. Risi swung onto her warhound and listened to the darkness outside the glow of the camp lights. There would be guards at … Continue reading

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Published again

A few weeks ago, one of my short stories was published in Havok Magazine. You can purchase the magazine here. My friend, Victoria, was also published in here.                   This is the same magazine … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Challenge

Today, I’m posting my short story. Sierra gave me the prompt “Bird with a Broken Wing” by Owl City. It’s a really good writing song.   Jay Hawke drew his pistol and pointed it at the pair of creatures stalking … Continue reading

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The Insurgent

Bullets tore through the air around me.

“Sara, take cover!” Clark shouted.

I dove behind a tree. Where was the enemy? They were somewhere in the jungle doing a very good job of keeping their heads down. Continue reading

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This was something I did when I was at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference. It’s supposed to be based off this picture. A cold wind tugged at Misty’s dress as she ran down the street. Not even a stray cat … Continue reading

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Alien Texter

When I went to Bryan Davis’s Teen Track, he had a short, poorly written, paragraph that we had to fix up. This is the original. Tamara sat on her bed. She had never felt so lonely in all of her … Continue reading

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GtKYCC: Right-Hand Man

Red Lettering is doing a Get to Know Your Character’s Challenge: Right-Hand Man for the villain. I pick Koda from Country in Chaos. He’s a wolfdog. The picture is rather old. I picked “Write about a year before the start of … Continue reading

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Critique Group – Voyage and The Raindrop Race

Originally posted on The Author's Chair:
Are you ready to critique? Ready or not, here are two new submissions to consider. Don’t forget the critiquing guidelines. All you have to do is post a comment about the submissions below. Don’t…

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Short Story Contest Entry by Jessi L. Roberts

Originally posted on Red Lettering:
“Elves Don’t Carry Guns” by Jessi L. Roberts Fern peered over the wall that surrounded the town of Refuge. A rider and packhorse trotted down the road while a huge dog ran beside them. It…

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